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Vype: a (non-) tobacco marketing masterpiece

Vype e-cigarette advertisement. Iris Worldwide for Nicoventures

Vype is the first brand of British-American Tobacco that is advertised in all available channels, including TV, after more than twenty years of TAPS ban in the UK. The media coverage is focusing on the obvious fact of Big Tobacco ...

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A Marlboro Man Story

1974 Marlboro Cigarette Come to Marlboro Country ad

“Marlboro Man is Dead” we read the headlines once again. Mr. Eric Lawson was the fourth in a row of Marlboro classic cowboys who died for smoking-related disease. But why is it an international news? What made the Marlboro Man ...

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Advertising Non-combustible Tobacco Products in the U.S.

Tobacco advertising is back with non-combustible tobacco products (NCPs). Recent study shows what tactics are used by tobacco companies to advertise those emerging and not regulated products in the USA. But why is it controversial?     While advertising of ...

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Here is the truth: Big Tobacco will correct its lies

Here is the truth: Big Tobacco companies agreed for corrective statements as ordered by Judge Gladys Kessler. Philip Morris USA Inc., Altria Group, Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (in its own capacity and as successor in interest to Brown & ...

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France: E-cigarettes are tobacco products, court rules

E-cigarettes qualify as tobacco products and should only be sold by registered tobacconists. This is a verdict of a French commercial court in Touluse from Monday 9th of December 2013. The ruling is subject to appeal but could eventually see the ...

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