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FDA to control e-cigarettes

New rule to extend FDA’s authority over e-cigarettes has been proposed on Friday, 24th of April 2014. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration seeks control over e-cigs and other, currently unregulated tobacco products on the market.   The subject of ...

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A Marlboro Man Story

1974 Marlboro Cigarette Come to Marlboro Country ad

“Marlboro Man is Dead” we read the headlines once again. Mr. Eric Lawson was the fourth in a row of Marlboro classic cowboys who died for smoking-related disease. But why is it an international news? What made the Marlboro Man ...

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France: E-cigarettes are tobacco products, court rules

E-cigarettes qualify as tobacco products and should only be sold by registered tobacconists. This is a verdict of a French commercial court in Touluse from Monday 9th of December 2013. The ruling is subject to appeal but could eventually see the ...

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Advertisement of tobacco influences young adults for 7 days

Advertisement of tobacco has surprisingly long impact on young people. Exposure to a single pro-smoking media message increases college-aged students’ risk of using tobacco for seven days, providing new clues about the influence of media on smoking, according to a ...

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Will tobacco industry show a way for South African alcohol marketing?

Can liquor industry learn from tobacco on how to approach control of their marketing activities? Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson), founder and director of Web•Tech•Law believes so as he writes in his article “What the tobacco ad ban can teach the liquor industry“.   According ...

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