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Tobacco in Social Media

Statistical patterns in tobacco communities - K-message

Social media is a new battlefield in tobacco vs anti-tobacco war [1]. At K-message we took a look at the recent research to put some light on the tactics and efficiency of social media activities of tobacco industry and tobacco ...

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Top 3 Key Lessons on Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry

On 22nd and 23rd of January in London I was honored to be a speaker at the Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference. Now back in Swiss Pharma capital city – Basel, let me summarize the key lessons on ...

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FDA Guidance on Social Media in Pharma: We need more of this

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its draft guidance on Social Media in Pharma. What question does it answer and what remains still unregulated? What are the consequences of this guidance and expected next steps?  When finalized this guidance will ...

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Bank marketing and social media. Does it fit?

Social media in bank marketing

Bank marketing and social media. Does it really fit? Marketing consultants and agencies worldwide push social media buzzword into banking and financial services for years.  If you read, as we do, some prominent blogs related to bank marketing, you already ...

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Top 5 pharma marketing trends in 2014

Approaching end of the year experts have two options to choose. The first and a safer one is to summarize past twelve months. The second, more dangerous but also more exciting is to predict what will happen next year. At ...

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