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Screenshot from "First time vaping" ad by VIP ecigarettes.
Screenshot from "First time vaping" ad by VIP ecigarettes.

“Sexy” VIP e-cig the first to vape in British TV advert

For the very first time since 1965, Britons will see a smoker in TV advertising. VIP, an  e-cigarette brand already famous for its overtly sexual advertising videos takes an advantage of the latest change in the Committee of Advertising Practice regulations.

The ad was first aired in ITV1 channel during the commercial break in Grantchester TV series. It features the same female model who starred in “too sexy” She Wants You spot. This time she just exhales a vapor from a VIP e-cig.

Broadcasting of such an ad is possible due to the watershed rules that went live on 10th of November 2014.

Summary of CAP new regulations for e-cigarette advertising

  • Ads must not be likely to appeal particularly to people under 18, especially by reflecting or being associated with youth culture
  • People shown using e-cigarettes or playing a significant role must neither be, nor seem to be, under 25
  • Ads must not be directed at people under 18 through the selection of media or the context in which they appear
  • Ads must not encourage non-smokers or non-nicotine users to use e-cigarettes
  • Ads must make clear that the product is an e-cigarette and not a tobacco product

Source: CAP. New UK advertising rules for e-cigarettes 

Although the advertisement has been allowed for broadcast, it remains controversial. Sexy models vaping VIP appeal to non-smokers in the same way as to current tobacco users. It seems to be a well calculated controversy, however.

Dave Levin, cofounder of VIP, says:

“It will be interesting to see how people respond to our advert’s debut this evening.”

Indeed, we will watch closely.

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