Advertising Non-combustible Tobacco Products in the U.S.

Tobacco advertising is back with non-combustible tobacco products (NCPs). Recent study shows what tactics are used by tobacco companies to advertise those emerging and not regulated products in the USA. But why is it controversial?     While advertising of ...

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FDA Guidance on Social Media in Pharma: We need more of this

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its draft guidance on Social Media in Pharma. What question does it answer and what remains still unregulated? What are the consequences of this guidance and expected next steps?  When finalized this guidance will ...

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The Secret of the Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion.

The real secret of Jordan Belfort, known today as Wolf Of Wall Street was his sales technique that evolved into Straight Line Persuasion system. What is the magic that allowed him to outsell other brokers and cheat so many people? ...

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Here is the truth: Big Tobacco will correct its lies

Here is the truth: Big Tobacco companies agreed for corrective statements as ordered by Judge Gladys Kessler. Philip Morris USA Inc., Altria Group, Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (in its own capacity and as successor in interest to Brown & ...

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Bank marketing and social media. Does it fit?

Social media in bank marketing

Bank marketing and social media. Does it really fit? Marketing consultants and agencies worldwide push social media buzzword into banking and financial services for years.  If you read, as we do, some prominent blogs related to bank marketing, you already ...

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