How Quantified Self, mHealth and Wearable Technology are Changing Pharma Marketing

Track Yourself Map of Quantified self apps by Rachelle DiGregorio

Quantified self, mHealth and wearable technology. While you could hear about those trends in the past, the tipping point has been reached at the CES 2014. What was supposed to be the future is our present much faster than industry ...

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Top 3 Key Lessons on Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry

On 22nd and 23rd of January in London I was honored to be a speaker at the Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference. Now back in Swiss Pharma capital city – Basel, let me summarize the key lessons on ...

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A Marlboro Man Story

1974 Marlboro Cigarette Come to Marlboro Country ad

“Marlboro Man is Dead” we read the headlines once again. Mr. Eric Lawson was the fourth in a row of Marlboro classic cowboys who died for smoking-related disease. But why is it an international news? What made the Marlboro Man ...

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Why Pharma Marketing is Boring? Archetypes!

Pharmaceutical brands are not loved. Products of the pharma industry are saving lives every day (not to mention removing headaches of the day after). Still, an average John Doe is not grateful to the manufacturer. To be honest even if ...

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Arrive Boldly: Smirnoff Double Black Campaign is not Catching Fire

Arrive Boldly is a tagline of Diageo Australia advertising for Smirnoff Double Black. With AUD 8 million (US $7,04 million) budget this integrated marketing campaign is indeed bold. For some viewers too bold. Smirnoff Double Black launch is very important ...

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