Text messaging in multichannel pharma marketing

Text messaging

Multi-channel marketing strategies usually include old tactics such as telemarketing, direct mailing and printed detail aids to accompany more fancy mobile applications, eDetailing on tablets and over the Web. Good old SMS text messaging is forgotten in the era of ...

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Hard Trends for Innovation in Pharma Marketing

Success in pharmaceutical industry depends on innovation. We are in the constant race with mutating microbes, viruses and cells. New regulations, stakeholders and disruptive competitors are changing industry landscape every day. At the recent Pharma Customer Experience Management Summit in ...

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FDA to control e-cigarettes

New rule to extend FDA’s authority over e-cigarettes has been proposed on Friday, 24th of April 2014. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration seeks control over e-cigs and other, currently unregulated tobacco products on the market.   The subject of ...

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Do not join the Dallas Buyers Club. Expanded Access explained.

Dallas Buyers Club is a powerful movie. Based on true story of Ron Woodroof it shows how patient has to fight the system instead of receiving a treatment for the deadly disease. Everything seems to ally against suffering patient. Health ...

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Vype: a (non-) tobacco marketing masterpiece

Vype e-cigarette advertisement. Iris Worldwide for Nicoventures

Vype is the first brand of British-American Tobacco that is advertised in all available channels, including TV, after more than twenty years of TAPS ban in the UK. The media coverage is focusing on the obvious fact of Big Tobacco ...

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