France: E-cigarettes are tobacco products, court rules

E-cigarettes qualify as tobacco products and should only be sold by registered tobacconists. This is a verdict of a French commercial court in Touluse from Monday 9th of December 2013. The ruling is subject to appeal but could eventually see the ...

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Finland: new restrictions on mild alcoholic beverages marketing proposed

On Wednesday, 4th December 2013, Finnish Parliamentary Social Affairs and Health Committee issued a report to prohibit advertising of mild alcoholic beverages in public places in Finland. The aim is to reduce the situations where children and youth are exposed ...

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Top 5 most expensive pharma marketing failures since 2010

Pharma marketing costs the most when it is not compliant to the regulations. Any unlawful or improper marketing campaigns in pharmaceutical can result in fines counted in billions of dollars. A report “Pharmaceutical Industry Criminal and Civil Penalties: An Update” by Public Citizen ...

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How to attract seniors into Medicare Plan? Use digital channels!

Digital health has no age limit. According to the recent research, seniors are keen to use digital channels to manage their healthcare. Seniors in the Internet Accenture research reports that Medicare consumers are frequently (at least once daily) online. Ninety-one ...

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Sexual VIP e-cigarette advertising: smoking hot or not?

VIP e-cigarette, a UK brand, started a ‘smutty’ campaign in apparent response to The Advertising Standards Authority warning issued in September 2013. ASA was complaining about ads that were not clear they were for e-cigarettes, and didn’t mention that the ...

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