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eDetailing known also as e-detailing is description of detailing performed using interactive and engaging modern technology platforms in the product presentation and sales process.

Under eDetailing term one can find different activities, not always based on 1 to 1 relationship as in classical detailing.

Examples of eDetailing are:

  • – Sales rep visit with detail aid in form of an interactive application show on electronic device (most often iPad, but also laptop)
  • – Sales rep call supported with detail aid delivered over Internet to the HCPs device (PC/Mac)
  • – HCPs accessing tailored web application or mobile application with detailing of the product [self-detailing]
  • – Teleconference with one or more HCPs where sales rep or KOL presents multimedia detailing about a product
  • – Virtual events with one or more KOLs presenting detailing about a product ot clinical data to one or more HCPs in different locations (can be also recorded for use in different timezones)


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