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Affinity marketing

Affinity marketing

Affinity marketing, known also as Partnership Marketing is a way of selling products or services to customers on the basis of their established buying patterns. The offer can be communicated by e-mail promotions, online or offline advertisings.

Affinity Partnerships consist of two parties. The first party known as the ‘affinity group’; seeks to add value to its existing customers, members or donors by promoting products and services they don’t currently sell, for example financial services. The second party known as the ‘product supplier’; seeks to acquire new customers by using the strength of another organization’s relationship with its customers, through which to distribute its product or service.

The aim of a brand wishing to add value is to generate new income and build upon existing customer relationships.

Meanwhile, the aim of the product or service supplier is to build and develop new customer relationships through the existing distribution channels of a third party affinity partner.

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