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Above the line (ATL)

Above the line (ATL) Above the line (ATL), below the line (BTL), and through the line (TTL), in organizational business and marketing communications, are advertising techniques, or different strategies companies use to sell their products. ATL communications use media that ...

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Adequate Provision

Adequate Provision An alternative way for drug companies to provide risk information about a drug in a broadcast ad. Drug companies generally must include all of a drug’s risk information in a product claim ad. In print ads, they usually ...

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Adherence Adherence is a measure of patient compliance or obedience to the prescription of the medicine (or usage of medical device) in self-administration. Ie. 100% adherence is when patient took the medicine in exact dosage and time span as prescribed ...

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Adult Verification System – AVS

Adult Verification System – AVS Adult Verification System – AVS, knwon also as Age Gate is a computing system used by a website to confirm that the user attempting to access their website is of the age required (usually by ...

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Adverse Event

Adverse Event An adverse event is any undesirable experience associated with the use of a medical product in a patient.

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