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The best and the worst of alcohol advertising videos in 2013

Watch with us the best and the worst of alcohol advertising videos in 2013. Our selection criteria were not based on the impact on sales. We looked rather on number of impressions, viral impact, creativity, use of digital channels and, last but not least our subjective opinion.

Molson Canadian Website

Molson Canadian Website

  1. Molson Canadian, The Beer Fridge – great idea, perfectly produced, incredible viral impact and good follow-up. Molson cannot be more Canadian.

  2. Guinness, Made of More: Wheelchair Basketball – very moving ad with real emotions behind, perfectly executed, good soundtrack.

  3. Budweiser, The Clydesdales Brotherhood – iconic horses plus strong positive emotions. this is how you make the most shared Super Bowl ad.

  4. Absolut: Transform Today – great launch of cooperation of Absolut brand with Sid Lee as global creative agency. Very refreshing, and we are happy that they follow the ideas from Absolut Open Film Project.

  5. Slo Down Wine: Goes Great With… – we would never expect this from wine brand.


  • Cruzan Rum: Welcome to the Don’t Hurry – bit too slow, but funny.

  • Grey Goose: Fly Beyond – we really like it, but we are afraid the whole portfolio of Bacardi will tell us now how hard was their family’s life.

  • Captain Morgan: Chapter 2 For Gold and Glory – magic of the Pirates movie in the fast growing spiced rum category.

  • Heineken: Dropped – perfect idea, unfortunately lost in production. That is a shame that their Candidate movie which is more employer branding than a beer ad won more audience

  • Tui Beer: house plumbed with beer – good, old beer prank. Went very viral in New Zealand.

  • Southern Comfort: Whatever’s Comfortable – Karate – we still do not know which guy with moustache is funnier the Karate one or the one from the Beach.

  • Bacardi Untameable –  the perfect heritage themed campaign with brand redesign

The worst failure(s) in alcohol advertisement:

Dewar’s Meet the baron (for sexism) and Dewar’s Highlander Honey (for faking Scottish accent)

Would you change the order on the list? Add something else or remove any of the ads?

See also our selection of trending content in alcohol advertisement based on the list above.

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