Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit – 20% discount!

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit is the largest gathering of financial marketers in North America. With K-message you can register for the event with 20% discount. Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit takes place November 3-4 2015 at the ...

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Internet of Things in Healthcare and Pharma

Telemedicine consult: Dr. Juan Manuel Romero, a cardiologist in Sonora, Mexico, engages in a pre-op consultation with Alma Guadalupe Xoletxilva, ...

Internet of Things becomes one of the most impactful trends in Healthcare and Pharma industry. According to the Big Data in Internet of Things (IoT): Key Trends, Opportunities and Market Forecasts 2015 – 2020 report by Mind Commerce Publishing, value ...

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Tobacco in Social Media

Statistical patterns in tobacco communities - K-message

Social media is a new battlefield in tobacco vs anti-tobacco war [1]. At K-message we took a look at the recent research to put some light on the tactics and efficiency of social media activities of tobacco industry and tobacco ...

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Wearables in healthcare to be promoted by NHS England. What’s next?

Track Yourself Map of Quantified self apps by Rachelle DiGregorio

NHS England has announced its plans to provide free WiFi in hospitals to push for adoption of wearable technology. It hopes that wearables can be used in clinical settings. At K-message we looked at wearable technology and quantified self impact on ...

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Traditional interaction with HCPs beats digital in impact on prescriptions?

Digital contacts by country Cegedim Strategic Data

Digital marketing loses against traditional interaction with HCPs says Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD). According to the study called Global Promotions Audit, traditional interactions are still much more common and more efficient in impact on prescription behavior. To be honest, such ...

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