Wearables in healthcare to be promoted by NHS England. What’s next?

Track Yourself Map of Quantified self apps by Rachelle DiGregorio

NHS England has announced its plans to provide free WiFi in hospitals to push for adoption of wearable technology. It hopes that wearables can be used in clinical settings. At K-message we looked at wearable technology and quantified self impact on ...

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Traditional interaction with HCPs beats digital in impact on prescriptions?

Digital contacts by country Cegedim Strategic Data

Digital marketing loses against traditional interaction with HCPs says Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD). According to the study called Global Promotions Audit, traditional interactions are still much more common and more efficient in impact on prescription behavior. To be honest, such ...

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The Best Digital Financial Advertising in 2014

The Best Digital Financial Advertising : Marcus Samuelsson hosts the first dinner at MasterCard's Priceless Table

Midas Awards for World’s Best Financial Advertising winners selection is a good chance to see how innovative can be digital financial advertising. You can review a showcase of all 2014 Midas Awards winners at the MIDAS official website. At K-message, ...

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“Sexy” VIP e-cig the first to vape in British TV advert

Screenshot from "First time vaping" ad by VIP ecigarettes.

For the very first time since 1965, Britons will see a smoker in TV advertising. VIP, an  e-cigarette brand already famous for its overtly sexual advertising videos takes an advantage of the latest change in the Committee of Advertising Practice regulations. ...

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The Digital Guiding Principles for Alcohol Advertising


The Digital Guiding Principles are the first global set of guidelines for alcohol advertising in digital and social media channels. #106426312 / gettyimages.com Signed by thirteen leading producers, DGPs are part of so called Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments, ...

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